"Testing and Inspection Services for Health, Safety and Compliance"

Other Services

Other Services

Managing compliance with regulations can be a daunting task. We stay abreast of regulatory changes so you don’t have to.

Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs)

PCBs in building materials, such as window caulking, have become an emerging environmental concern.  GEC provides testing and develops work plans to ensure regulatory compliance. 

Industrial Hygiene (IH)

Monitoring employee exposures to airborne hazards is a critical component of ensuring the safety of workers.   GEC has extensive experience providing employee exposure monitoring for a wide range of hazards.

Environmental Databases

GEC develops custom FileMaker Pro databases for efficient data management. With a custom database solution, entering and retrieving environmental data is easy and provides employees with a central location to access up to date and accurate information. Our databases provide a state-of-art customizable platform for the sharing of environmental information.